Pony (US, 0:31:08)

Directed by: Candice Carella

Written by: Candice Carella

Cast: Xander Berkeley, Suzy Nakamura , Miko Nakano

CLAUDIA (Suzy Nakamura), a single mom struggling to pay the bills, is uptight and controlling in her approach to caring for her 5-year-old daughter MIKO (Miko Nakano).When Claudia lands a work promotion that will take her out of town for a business trip weekend, she is forced to leave Miko with the only available babysitter, her ex-husband's brother JEFF (Xander Berkeley), a washed-up 80's rock musician in his 50's.Jeff begrudgingly agrees to babysit because he owes his brother, Miko's father, a favor, and he immediately experiences culture shock in trying to deal with a child from what is to him an alien universe. As their weekend together unfolds, both Miko and Jeff see and experience things they have never faced before: innocence and apathy, creativity and aridity, youth and aging. An unforeseeable accident brings the specter of death before Jeff and Miko, forcing him to explain the pain of loss to her and, in turn, making him face deeply buried pain from his own past. An unlikely pair of opposites, Jeff and Miko share a weekend that brings a special bond that provides Miko her first glimpse of the fragility of life, and forces Jeff to reassess his past and present, and to then attempt a rediscovery of the original inspiration for his musical life.