Poetry Man (USA, 25 min)

Directed by: James McSherry

Written by: James McSherry


Bill Clark, Diego Lopez, Joe Diaz, John McCormack, Melanie Torres, Paige McSherry, Peter Green, Rene Rogoff, Valerie Smaldone

Based on a true story, Jimmy an aspiring writer and his cousin Nicky, a neighborhood miscreant suspected of murder, face each other and the truth on the mean streets of the Bronx in this gritty tale of trust and betrayal. What happens when somebody you love is struck down? Is it fate, bad luck or just bad choices? And what of the fall-out? After Nicky is imprisoned for a crime he claims he didn't commit, his cousin Jimmy copes the only way he knows how, writing to find an answer - while piecing the murder back together on the page. Jimmy soon discovers that when a drug dealer is gunned down in front of his wife and child, Nicky is arrested based on the eyewitness testimony of a rival drug dealer, Facing twenty five years to life, Nicky's only hope is enlisting Jimmy in his cause. He just has to convince his only cousin and best friend that he's innocent. LIes collide with the truth in this morality tale of loyalty, love, and redemption.