Play (Canada, 1 hr 19min)

Directed by: Alec Toller

Written by: Kelly McCormack


Caitlin Driscoll, Coner Bradbury, Danny Pagett, Gwen Cumyn, Kelly McCormack, Kristian Bruun, Peter Higginson , Robb Wiggin, Roger Bainbridge, Suzette McCanny, Tim Walker

Ryan and his friends are not booking acting gigs. Getting nowhere in their careers, they decide to write a very serious play about very serious topics to showcase their abilities, with Ryan as first time producer. When he realizes they don't have the money or the 'star power' to sell tickets, Ryan hires an up-and-coming film director who insists on re-casting and rewriting the play, putting Ryan's relationship with his best friend Andy in jeopardy. It is now opening night, and their highly anticipated 'political docudrama' about the Occupy Movement and Bernie Madoff has the whole city talking. But when a prop-gun is misplaced, spoiling the very serious opening death-scene, the play derails and the actors are left scrambling to pick up the pieces of the plot onstage. Egos fly, tempers rise, and Ryan must choose between his director and his best friend if he is going to get the production back on track. As the actors frantically improvise, the rapidly changing plot weaves into a shocking, offensive, cacophonous mess which will either skyrocket the cast into infamy or land them all in jail. With the actor's fate in his hands, Ryan must act quickly or their careers will surely be ruined before they've begun.