Plastic Crime (Japan, 1:48:00)

Directed by: Yoshio Kato

Written by: Yoshio Kato

These days in Japan, number of young people who are unable to socialize are increasing.
I have a feeling, they tend to become stokers and shut-ins. I think one of the reasons is
celebrities and stars are giving them a message, 'your dreams will come true' too easily.
Those message grows dreamers and gives them wrong idea of 'your desire to your loved one will be fulfilled.'

The protagpnist of 'PLASTIC CRIME' is a young man named Yumeto which means literary in kanji 'a dreamer.
who is a shut-in, never goes out of his room, no friends, no goal, or no life.
One day, theives break into Yumeto's house. The theives don't know Yumeto is home.
The strange encounter between the theives and Yumeto makes Yumeto breaks out of his shell.
He joins the gang and starts to find a purpose in his life. Even though he think he has friends
life as a theif is not all great...

The movie shows contrast between what you want in life and the reality.