Pip (United States, 4 min 05 sec)

Directed by: Bruno Simoes

Written by: David Kilgo; Richard Mather; Leslie Rowe

Pip is four small paws and a big heart--a tiny yellow Lab who may be small in stature, but when she dreams, she dreams big. Pip wants to be a guide dog and save the day, every day, for people with vision loss and veterans with disabilities. In this four-minute animated short, Pip wins your heart as she overcomes a variety of daily obstacles and strives to become an elite dog with a purpose. Does Pip have what it takes, or is she just chasing her own tail? Watch this delightful story brought to life by the artists of Studio Kimchi of Barcelona, Spain, in partnership with Southeastern Guide Dogs of Palmetto, Fla. Root for Pip at PipFilm.com...find out all about the real furry heroes of Southeastern Guide Dogs at: GuideDogs.org