PHONY SHOW (Denmark, 4)

Directed by: Morten Winther

Written by: Morten Winther

Cast: Camilla Cornelia, Hansen Lehmann, David Garmark, Sara Luise, Runge Psilander, Bue Nielsen, Michael Boye, Morten Winther

Copenhagen based creative director Morten Winther has set out to do a music video trilogy. Phony Show is part two following up on part one: Beat It Tonight. The Creative Director pulls you in his strange and twisted world that few people think of when they see a cozy and friendly Scandinavia. Winther's world is full of loose morals and debauchery at its finest. In part one: three half-naked vodka-tampon- party girls are killed by a Molotov cocktail. In this sequel the two remaining girls try to escape from both police and the killer but can they escape?