Parlay (USA, 00:41:00)

Directed by: Dean Garris

Written by: Dean Garris

Cast: Colleen Guest, Helen Kearney Konen, Leah Caruana, Linda Guth, Nick Karner, Owen Daly, Rebecca Morris, Tate Clemons,

Olivia Holly dreams of living the life of a swashbuckling pirate while her parents seem bemused by how to deal with her and her fanciful ways. As fate would have it they are called away for a retreat and invite Aunt Beatrice to stay with Olivia in their absence. Aunt Beatrice just so happens to be a very strict instructor at the Prim and Proper Academy of Etiquette for Young Girls and Aspiring Socialites and she makes it her mission to “fix” Olivia and turn her into a curtsy bowing, pink flowery dress wearing niece she can show of to her friends, but Olivia has other plans.