Paranoid Girls (Chicas Paranoicas) (Spain | 2015, 89 minutes)

Subtitles: English

Director Pedro Del Santo brings the vulnerable humorous side of fashion to Spain like never before in PARANOID GIRLS. The first Spanish film of its kind, PARANOID GIRLS is an intense journey of three models through the superhighway of trends and the mounting pressures of temptations. The often pondered mysteries of fashion driven romance, ambition and power unfold in this tale of comedic shame. The unabashed experimentation with drugs, sex and betrayal push the three models to the edge, yet they survive their collective crash to face reality. Together, they shine brightly for Nueva Moda modeling agency in the dark shadows of Madrid.

In screenwriter Helena Montesinos' story, we meet Veronica, Ana and Paula, three exuberant young women living in Madrid, Spain who all dream of somehow becoming supermodels. Before they can begin launching their careers, the women are faced with the worst kind of distractions from the agency photographer, Miguel. Veronica quickly falls for Miguel who entraps her in his web of cocaine addiction, while Paula and Ana give in to Andrés, the handsome young medical student.
The three women literally collapse on stage at times and fight with the Nueva Moda manager, Diana (played by Bárbara de Lema) as they try to balance unfulfliling romance with the dreams of their careers. As the strikingly beautiful Veronica asserts herself against the grasp of Diana, Nueva Moda chief, César (played by Inocencio Arias) blocks Diana's planned move to Barcelona. Ana, who is Paula's roommate, steals Andrés and begins to date him without Paula catching them in the act. Miguel convinces César to promote him to a new photographer post in Barcelona away from the watchful eye of Diana. Paula erupts when she discovers that Ana is expecting a baby with Andrés and Veronica leans on Paula to recover from Miguel.

Diana fights for Veronica's return to Nueva Moda, confronting Miguel in a last ditch effort that suddenly crumbles away. Funny enough, Veronica and Miguel become an item and Paula forgives Ana for clinging to Andrés in a heartfelt reunion fashion photoshoot with Miguel above the Madrid skyline.