PALM SPRANGZ (United States | 2015, 4 min)

Directed by: Noah James

'My aunt said 'yes,' my uncle said 'f*ck yes,' the house is empty, we goin to PALM SPRANGZ.'


Ali Eagle + Melissa Lehman are The Litterboxgang--a comedy duo. They write, produce and star in their own sketch shorts and comedy rap music videos as well as style and sell their collection of vintage and thrift clothing, hand-selected from their years of hoarding. They met studying musical theatre at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and grew up in Los Angeles.

Interviewee: Ali Eagle
Interview by: Megan Boyle, Short Sketch Comedy Curator

Q: How did you come up with your sketch idea?
Melissa’s Aunt & Uncle were about to sell their immaculate home in Palm Springs so we decided to write something short and fun to shoot there before it was sold. Melissa had explained that the house was pristine, that she felt like we’d have to go there and just not touch anything… And that was our original idea for the narrative of this short: Two chicks gear up for a WILD weekend in Palm Springs only to arrive at a home they can’t even move their limbs in due to the expensive and fragile decor of the house they’re staying in. We thought the film would start out as it does in the final version but then end with a series of tableaus, where Melissa and I are frozen in different areas of the house, unable to move because of the immaculacy surrounding us. A large part of our initial vision remains in Palm Sprangz...which is insane...

Q: What dictated your choices in how you filmed your sketch?
The Palm Springs house itself dictated a lot of our choices about how to film the sketch, (as it did with our narrative). But it was mostly the joint decisions of the many brilliant friends/collaborators we worked with that really steared this piece into what it is. Director, Noah’s sense of humor and stellar communication skills, Cinematographer + Editor, Seann’s vibrant eye and sharp comical editing, Composer + Producer, Ryan’s spiritual support and GENIUS gibberish lyrics, Melissa’s natural comedic timing and freedom of bodily-fluids as well as her insane sense of style paired with my need for attention and love all made for an awesome sketch. And, oh my god--Bob! Can’t forget astronomer and co-star Bob. What a sport.

Q: What hurdles did you face while making this sketch?
We were lucky to not hit too many hurdles in the making of Palm Sprangz! I’d say the only challenge was for Melissa and I to watch ourselves...and to agree on a final cut...but it all worked out.

Q: There is truth in comedy, what sort of truths were you hoping to touch on with this sketch?
That even though Palm Springs is home to major music festivals like Coachella and Stagecoach, it’s also home to old people...

Q: Do you have any plans for sequels or additional sketches surrounding these characters/themes?
We’re most certainly taking suggestions… but we’re actually waiting for Melissas Aunt and Uncle to sell another home...and we’ll go from there...

Catch PALM SPRANGZ at the 8th Annual NYC Independent Film Festival!