Outlier (Germany , 0 : 15: 00 )

Directed by: Martin Wallner

Cancer patient and successful novelist LILITH WINTERBOTTOM (80) is an outlier - statistically she should be dead by now. But the cynical misanthrope seems to scare even death away in order to fulfill one final task: To finish her last book and find a hero's death worthy of her beloved main character SPIDER O'CONNELL. However, as the lively and deeply religious ODAMEE MARSHALL (64) becomes her hospital roommate, the quiet times of authorial prosperity are over. Unnerved by her 'sanctimonious gibberish', Lilith tries by all means to get rid of her. What starts out as a clash of religious belief and atheism, turns into an unusual relationship that helps both of them to find what they were mostly longing for: new hope.