ON (United States, 18 min 29 sec)

Directed by: Jamie Effros

In the near future, a weekly meeting of Device Addicts Anonymous (DAA) is the refuge for six strangers consumed by their virtual worlds. But when a new member joins the group, bringing with him something beyond addiction, they all begin to realize that their connection to the virtual and to each other may be far more than coincidence. Synopsis: In a near-future world of endless information, we’ve lost the ability to look away. Games, social media, news, and virtual reality all vie for attention, and are all meticulously designed to hold it and not let go. Isaac Walsh is a device addict and brilliant coder in Artificial Intelligence development. But something is happening, either to his mind or to the code itself. It’s talking to him, asking him to do things, and calling itself “H”. Jeremy Ellis is a social worker committed to helping people addicted to going “on” (any virtual experience in this near-future). He thinks bringing Isaac to one of his Device Addicts Anonymous group meetings could help him. But H has other plans for Isaac. And a surprising request… for all of them.