OMG (Canada, 10min)

Directed by: Siobhan Devine

Written by: Roslyn Muir


Gabrielle Rose, Loretta Walsh, Matreya Fedor

OMG is a short film about three generations of women. Kaylee, a 14-year-old emo-goth with a wicked texting habit. As her parents are being totally unreasonable about her emo-goth outfits, her pink and blue hair, her nose ring and her nearly 6000 texts in one month, Kaylee turns to the one person who has always understood her - Grandma. Initially, Grandma is happy to see Kaylee but after a couple of days of living with the teenager she decides this cannot continue and somehow she needs to get Kaylee and her mother to make up. Grandma's box room contains all kind of secrets and she wonders if it is perhaps time for Kaylee to learn a little about her mother's teenage years. Grandma works some magic as the one who has been there and done it all.