Omerta (Finland, 00:15:46)

Directed by: Aleksi Rytkonen

Written by: Aleksi Rytkonen

Cast: Camilla O'Connor, Ilkka Villi, Joanna Haartti, Joonas Grönholm, Pertti Sveholm, Samu Stenberg

Hugo, the hottest insurance salesman in Finland is going through a divorce and ends up having a nervous breakdown at work on a Friday afternoon as his neglected teenage son pays him an unexpected visit, while his boss is breathing down his neck and the clock is ticking towards an important work-related deadline.

A big fan of Mafia movies - a little joke that he shares with his co-worker and his son -he now finds his working role and his confidence wrecked,and now struggles with his responsibilities.

Under the crippling spell of mid-life crisis and approaching deadline, Hugo has no choice but to resort to some unusual means to win back his confidence, job and the respect of his son. But Hugo is not the only one having a crisis. Like father like son.

The father and son both struggle with their roles and identities trying to find a way to connect to each other and to themselves. Misunderstandings, awkward moments and mayhem ensue before the day is done.