Ohne Dich (Without You) (Germany, 1:30:00)

Subtitles: English

Directed by: Alexandre Powelz

Written by: Alexandre Powelz, Alexandra Umminger

Cast: Katja Riemann, Charly Hübner, Helen Woigk, Meral Perin, Arne Gottschling, Rolf Hoppe

Without you is a film about the most beautiful and painful thing in all of life: love. The film tells the stories of three couples that are somehow connected. Committed midwife Rosa loves her husband Marcel, a therapist. They're a perfect match and share everything: love, life and even work. Motte, a waitress, is pregnant with her best friend Neo's baby. She is scared of intimacy in all its forms and does not want to commit at all, ultimately deciding to remain silent. Rosa and Marcel's cleaner, Layla, feels abandoned since her former lover Navid has left her for a younger woman. She cannot accept his decision and stalks him while he pushes her away even harder.

Layla opens up to Marcel and tells him about her fears, but he is occupied with his own problems. His wife Rosa suffers from cancer. He wants her to fight, but Rosa knows: it’s a battle she can’t win. The tumor is recurrent, the metastases already devouring her. She is going to die. There is nothing Marcel can do, he is forced into being her companion until her very last breath. The hopeless situation tears him apart, while Rosa is preparing for the last intimate moment to share with Marcel: her dying.

Motte still doesn't have a plan at all. The only thing she knows is that she wants to get rid of that alien who has expanded her belly like a ridiculously giant watermelon. While she waits for the due day, Layla drifts more and more away. One fateful night, all three stories escalate. Motte, Layla and Marcel have to readjust their complete beings. One thing remains for sure: whatever happens, life goes on.