Subtitles: Yes

Directed by: Morihiko Hasebe

Written by: Morihiko Hasebe


Clayton Jacobson, Kaori Takakuwa, Ko Inoue, Morihiko Hasebe, Suginami-ku, Ronald Jacobson, Shanti Snyder, Shiro Go

An old chef OGIWARA IKUZO had difficulties in owning his deserted Sushi shop. His quiet life with daughter was suddenly sucked into the maelstrom, after he got a headhunt call from the Global Sushi-Go-Round network. They offered him a position as the head chef of their upcoming gorgeous restaurant. His Sushi shop was almost going bankrupt but his craftsmanship didn't allow him to throw away everything and close it. Global network also had difficulties in finding the ideal chef except him, so they began doing whatever they could, to change his mind. This is the story of how a little old Sushi man and his daughter fought against the mega force of global economy to protect his shop, and to win his pride back.