No Place Like Gnome (Brazil , 10 minutes )

Directed by: Pedro Lacerda

No place like gnome is a partnership between the Chilean-Brazilian video artist Pedro Lacerda and the Canadian electronic music duo Blond:ish. The film reinterprets the action of the lysergic acid in the human body. What seems at first as an apologia then ends up in a comatose state where it becomes difficult to discern aspects of defense or rejection to the drug. A main character will experience the images; it is a young student of psychoanalysis that will be used in an experiment that involves the use of the substance. As the video becomes more complex and linked to the density of the music, the young man begins to feel confusion with what he feels but cannot express. No place like gnome is not restricted just to document the effects of the LSD. It proposes the use of video as a plastic form. It is not the narrative that drives the work, but the visual links that are created as each set of images is overlaid. What it is wanted is that the viewer feels and enjoys a visual experience that can awaken something beyond our universe dictated by narrative.