Night's Still Young (USA | 2017, 15 min)

Directed by: Brian Hollars

Written by: B.J. Hollars

Cast: Shanna Vincent, Nadiyah Skyy Taylor, Adam Henslee, Hannah Alltmont

On her last night on earth, Kate hosts her 26th birthday party at a majestic home in the heart of rural Louisiana. Joined by her dearest friends, Kate spends the evening reveling in memories of the past and celebrating the fleeting present. Unbeknownst to her guests, however, the party is also Kate’s farewell —one last chance to say goodbye before choosing to end her life rather than further endure her terminal illness. The next morning, Kate travels deep into the forest and, with the support of her brother and closest lifelong friend, says goodbye to the world on her own terms. A poignant celebration of life, Night’s Still Young aims to explore its difficult subject matter through a lens of compassion, humanity, and love.