Terrie Farley Moran has had a number of short mystery stories published in various anthologies, and can be found on the web at www.womenofmystery.net Laura Joh Rowland is a historical novelist, the author of the Sano Ichiro samurai detective series and the Charlotte Bronte series. Lina Zeldovich writes crime fiction with Russian, Turkish and New York poise. She has written four novels, published many short stories and holds three Writer’s Digest awards, including first prize winner 2010. http://noveladventurers.blogspot.com/ Elizabeth Zelvin is the author of Death Will Get You Sober and Death Will Make You Leave Him, as well as short stories; she has been nominated twice for the Agatha Award for Best Short Story. www.elizabethzelvin.com Cathi Stoler is an award-winning advertising copywriter turned novelist. Her novels, Telling Lies and Keeping Secrets were finalists in the Brighid's Firebook Fiction Contest. Kenneth Wishnia writes hardboiled, socially conscious crime fiction tempered with cynical humor, including the Edgar Award finalist, 23 Shades Of Black and Jewish noir, The Fifth Servant, set in the 16th century Prague . Peggy Ehrhart (www.PeggyEhrhart.com) is a former English professor who writes the Maxx Maxwell music-themed mystery series and plays blues guitar.