Neighbors (United States, 00:10:35)

Directed by: Annie Fung

Written by: Annie Fung

Cast: Marco Torriani, Anastasia Olowin, Kelsey Barry, Kara Ng, Vera Zukelman

Dirk, a programmer for a dating app, has never had any problems building code. His only problem is building the courage to talk to girls. When he finds his neighbor’s misplaced bra, he believes this is his chance to meet her and goes on the excruciating mission to return it.


Nothing short of adorable, Neighbors is a fun romp into one nerdy man’s complicated love situation. Dirk, a computer programmer that works for a company similar to real life Tinder, has bad luck in the female department. When we meets his beautiful new neighbor and then proceeds to later find her bra has fallen from her clothing line, we follow him as he fumbles and bumbles his way around trying to return it to her. What evolves is an uplifting, if not a bit silly, story about a geek growing into his own brand of confidence. In a way, this girl’s bra almost becomes its own character and we want to know what will happen to it.

Neighbors is good, light fare that is written very well and filmed in a nice, inviting way. There are moments that could have been more tightly edited, but with the running time we get, there is just enough time to enter and exit into the story and still feel satisfied. For a relevant but cheesy little film, Neighbors certainly could hit the spot for many modern audiences living in this weird world of online dating.