My Roommate is a Nazi (United States, 3 min 44 sec)

Directed by: Gady Shemesh

Eddie and his roommate don't get along.


“My Roommate Is A Nazi” is a sitcom tailored for a modern day audience. The premise of the show deals with an ironic The Office - style interview starring two roommates who complain about the difficulties of living with each other. Gady Shemesh directs and stars in this funny comedy skit as the average, easygoing tenant who stumbles upon his unconventional roommate.

The characters are true to their personas, which often conflict in humorous moments. The differences in their personalities bring a lot of the humor to the table: for everything befitting of Shemesh’s nonchalant attitude, the Nazi roommate (played by Ronald Woodhead) is ready to counter with strict discipline. Casual background music for dramatic effect efficiently supports Woodhead’s responses, spoken in German, which help narrate what is going on to those who may not understand what he is saying.

We get to see a notably humane side to Woodhead’s character, of which enjoys mundane things such as reading and eating pop tarts. The characters are humanized regardless of the stereotypical expectations of their characters’ roles. Shemesh does a good job of incorporating ironic twists to these expectations.

In Shemesh’s own words “[the film was] made in the same vein as the Looney Tunes. The bad guy is the straight character who is pitied, and the "good" character is the catalyst [who is somehow] worse than the other.” This short, roughly four minute film is jam packed with a lot of slapstick humor and irony.