Mute (China, 11 minute)

Directed by: Ling Zhou

Written by: Ling Zhou


Hongqing Zhou, Jiaji Huang, Xuefang Zhou, Yongzhong Song

This short narrative film depicts a small town woman’s life in rural China and her quiet, sensual relationship with the town barber. 



Filmmaker Bio:

Ling was born in Nanjing, China and immediately sent to live in a rural village with her grandparents. She remembers feeding a dozen chickens every morning, scraping off sunflower seeds in the fields, and devouring sliced watermelon under the tree canopies on summer afternoons. Since then, China has transformed so much that the world she inhabited as a child belongs to a bygone era. Inspired by post-socialist filmmakers and André Bazin, she hopes to contribute to the Chinese independent film movement with her background in rural China-the vanishing world she sought to capture on film. Inspired by post-socialist filmmakers, Andre Bazin, and the rural China of her youth that she captures in Mute, Ling hopes to contribute to the Chinese independent film movement.