Music City USA (U S A, 80 min)

Directed by: Chris McDaniel

Written by: Chris McDaniel


Chris McDaniel

Nashville, currently based on music, wasn't always Music City. Find out how this printing and Insurance mecca became the music capital of the world, and see how the devastating flood of 2010 tried to get them down, but thanks to this thriving music community, a city was reborn. Resilience in the form of the artists, entertainers and musicians that put the MUSIC in MUSIC CITY. This documentary begins by showing you what Nashville used to be. Why Nashville was settled and how she grew into such a rich cultural town. From the Opry to the current superstars of ALL kinds of music, Nashville boasts the greatest musicians and recording studios on earth. Country superstars call Nashville home, but non country musicians have been recording there for years; Lionel Richie, Air Supply, Tesla, The Wailers, Brett Michaels, Queen of Rock a billy Wanda Jackson and more, none of which have country roots, but all make a point to call Nashville their recording homes. From Gospel to Bluegrass and Rockabilly to Country, heartland's music has been generated here, but the days of country being the only influence are long gone. Rock superstars like The Black Keys, The Kings of Leon, and Jack White of the White Stripes all call Nashville home. These musicians helped a city pull together after the flood of 2010 and I feel that this story is not only important and educational, but a must see for anyone that believes in the empowering qualities of art, music and creativity.