Mr. You's 100th Birthday (China, 25:00)

Directed by: Ringo Ye

Written by: Patrick Phelan

Cast: Xu Caigen, Wu Yunfang

Today is Mr. You's 100th birthday. The producers from a TV program called Three Thousand Questions on Health come to interview him. They want You to share some advice on how he maintains his health and his life experience with the audience, convey hopeful message, while featuring onscreen implant placement of their sponsors. To everyone’s surprise, You’s answers were unexpected. Mr. You's unpredictable reaction makes the producers very distressed and concerned. The entire filming process is comical. Meanwhile, You’s family comes to visit him. Everyone has their own problems and concerns. As their father, grandfather or great-grandfather, all Mr. You can do is to encourage them with a smile. He is too old to help. Mr. You's 100th birthday party ends in a hurry. The only one who remains by his side until the end is his wife Feng Bao, who has been with him in sickness and in health, in wealth and in poverty. This is a special day. For Mr. You, however, it is just an ordinary day like any other day in his life.