Moving Pictures (Israel | 2016, 10 minutes)

Directed by: Yoav Ruda

A free flow journey through the evolution of the moving images, from Edison days to the super space age 'Moving Pictures' deals with the relations between the moving images media and dreams. The film presents personal and associative insight and impressions of the history and nature of the moving images. The work simulates the structure, aesthetic and inner logic of an REM sleep sequence of dreams. Both films and dreams communicate with our subconscious directly, bypassing our conscious mind. 'Moving Pictures' consists of several short segments. The transitions and connections between the segments and the images in the segments themselves are associative in their nature. Spoken Word The film features Spoken Word texts, auto narrated by Text to Speech software. Spoken Word brings the contemporary urban language and vibrations of the street to the screen. The auto narration creates a twist: artificial touch to a personal text. Still to animation In the work I open-source archive pictures are animated. The integration of archive-based animation with authentic quotes creates a new breed of documentary presentation. The mix of real and fictional quotes challenges the viewers (quotation marks are added to the real quotes). Projection Photography Another technique used in the film is Projection Photography: Film and HD video are projected on textures and objects and recaptured on camera. The technique allows me optical image processing and gives the video concrete qualities. Projection Photography can be viewed as a documentation of a Projection installation. The film segments: The Dream Machine A visual metaphor of the film-dream apparatus, utilizing 'Projection Photography' Moving Pictures The pioneers of cinema, Thomas Edison, Auguste Lumiere and Eadweard Muybridge share their insights on the new medium. Talking Pictures A brand new technique is presented, will it stick? Or is it just a passing fad… Science Pop Pop art placed the popular culture language and aesthetics in the light and prism of contemporary art, Dada did the same to the bicycle wheel. The work brings scientific images, concepts and methodology to the art arena. Art & science share the same quest: explore and portray the illusive existence. Sigmund's Dream Sigmund Freud's hypothetical dreams, based on his biography The 'dreams' emphasizes oedipal, phallic & addictive elements in the personal history of the father of psychoanalysis. Additional to Freud's Dreams, the segment includes real quotes of various artists dealing with dreams.