Moving On (USA, 0: 11 :00)

Directed by: Marcia Fields / Mike Spear

Written by: Marcia Fields / Mike Spear

Cast: Robin Lord Taylor, Ryan Farrell, Mike Ivers, Amelia Martin, Cipha Sounds, Matteo Lane

In this modern world where technology too often replaces actual human interaction, the most personal moments in our lives are being delivered by the most impersonal methods. This short film takes a look at what would happen if even breakups were contracted out. And you thought getting dumped by text was embarrassing! MOVING ON, a film by Marcia Fields and Mike Spear, is about what happens when you wake up to find you need to move on and move out at exactly the same time.When Ross (419's Mike Ivers) is awakened early one morning by a knock at the door, he's shocked to find his girlfriend gone and two men (GOTHAM's Robin Lord Taylor and INSIDE AMY SCHUMER's Ryan Farrell) in his foyer ready to move him out of their shared apartment at the request of his now, it would seem, ex-girlfriend Elizabeth. Turns out these guys do this for a living, frequently hired by significant others looking to not be so significant anymore without getting any blood on their hands. Needless to say, Ross doesn't handle the news so well.Taking course over the span of a single day, these three men each start out with different ideas of how the day will unfold. But, as we wish would more often be the case, the human component just cannot be denied and the lines between the impersonal and personal blur.