(USA, 4 min)

Written by: Samantha Friedman


Steve Ritter

Morris the Moose is a large and slightly overweight, clumsy moose. The short begins with Morris sitting in his small cluttered room reading “Moose Health: New Looks to Impress your Date” when his computer beeps alerting him of a new message from Moose The sexy female moose Morris has been chatting with has confirmed their date for tonight and attached a provocative picture. Overjoyed, aroused, and desperate, Morris attaches a picture that does not accurately reflect his physical appearance. He attempts to imitate the flexing pose of the moose in his picture, but his rounded antlers and flabby build can hardly compare to the shiny robust antlers and muscular physique of the moose in the magazine. Following the tips he read in Moose Health, Morris tries to spruce himself up in time for his date. Between wardrobe changes and other failed attempts to improve his look, the computer rings with new messages and suggestive pictures from his date, each time making Morris both more excited and panicked.