Mont Reve (USA, 116 mins.)

Directed by: Lynn von Kersting and Rocky Collins

Written by: India Irving


India Irving, Mario Rivelli, Andrei Belgrader, Andy Demetrio, Brigitte Buny, Charles von Bernuth, Danny Pardo, Gianfranco Terrin, Henry LeBlanc, Ian Fisher, Israel Urbina, Jes Breaux, Joe Bays, Jorge Urbina, Juan Urbina, Julian Nava, Keith Barletta, Kendra von Bernuth, Lauren Gaw, Mark Jacobson, Mary Joan Negro, Nathaly Prado, Pat Crowley, Teni Panosian, Tommaso Sacco. 

For well over a century, the upper echelon of international society has chosen one place, above all, to send their children to school — Switzerland. Obtaining a Swiss boarding school diploma is a status symbol worth its weight in gold — garnering it’s graduates an unbeatable education and connections to die for. From European royalty, to American heads of state, to spoiled offspring of global multi-billionaires and top Russian Mafia Dons, the creme de la creme of the world gets their education here. Mont Reve is one such school.

Marco della Riva, Italian Mont Reve student, is not your ordinary guy. A fierce athlete and secretly a writer, he is quite the trouble maker and of course a ladies man. With his on-campus nemeses, the drug-dealing Spanish gang, vowing to cause Marco and his group of Italians trouble, life is a constant game to reach the finish without being caught. But when Marco's eyes encounter Divina V. Rawling, a British classmate and dancer with a perfect record and lineage extraordinaire, his charm is tested. Will the perfect girl give him a chance?

When photos emerge of Marco in the girl's dorms and headmaster Monsieur Delé threatens him with expulsion, Marco's prospects at Mont Reve look dim.

With his place at the school on the line, Marco stands at a crossroads. Will he continue down the path he is on, hiding his academic prowess and playing the school Don Juan, or will he step up to the plate, embracing his writing talent and turning his life around?

And what of Divina? Will she trust the boy with the rippled reputation or keep her own sterling by turning him down?

It looks like Marco's semester will be more than athletics and champagne.

Mont Reve — not your ordinary high school. Not your ordinary students.