Moments of Clarity (USA, 1:37:00)

Directed by: Stev Elam

Written by: Christian Lloyd, Kristin Wallace

Cast: Lyndsy Fonseca, Kristin Wallace, Eric Roberts, Mackenzie Astin, Xander Berkeley, Saxon Trainor, Jon Lajoie, Marguerite Moreau, Bitty Schram, A.J. Trauth.

A repressed agoraphobic's daughter meets a hardened pastor's daughter, and while escaping their homes to fix a broken camera they end up en route to attend an annual church youth group jamboree. On the way they encounter a host of characters that slowly reveal that their worlds aren't what they thought they were.


Natalie: How was it balancing acting and producing on the 1st feature you wrote?

Kristin: It was challenging at times. But really, more than anything, it has been the most rewarding experience. I don't know if the hardest part for me was caring more than I ever have about a project or story so my mind pretty much never shut off, still hasn't. LOL I actually think it might be the best part - to know a world so well, to go on such a long journey, it's been life changing.

Natalie: The story centers around two really strong female characters who become unlikely friends, what gave you the idea to do this and throw them into quirky circumstances?

Kristin: My favorite films have always been centered around strong females. My idea stemmed from a much darker place in my life actually, when I had just moved to LA. I realized quickly that it was a my sense of humor that was preventing me from loosing who I was, and what made me unique as a storyteller. It was my inner child, my hopeless optimism and positive perspective on the world that I felt compelled to make a character and world around. I've always wanted to tell stories centered around complex, real women, to empower women. This is where my imagination took me when thinking of this world. I also wanted to explore female sexuality as a theme throughout the story. As a topic, I feel it has endless possibilities that I want to continue to pursue from an unapologetic, raw place.

Natalie: What made you want to explore the way people see one another as opposed to how they see themselves?

Kristin: Wow, great question. This was a very intentional choice to have in the story, Christian Lloyd and I spoke about this a lot and how we had to see Claire's dreams and fantasies at specific times throughout the journey. I wanted this to be a part of how you see the world through her eyes. This again came from a personal place of a sort of discrepancy I felt, and how I think everyone has felt at some point.

Natalie: What were your biggest challenges with shooting?

Kristin: I think compartmentalizing. Knowing when to shut out production stuff I'm aware of to focus on just being Claire. We also shot extremely fast. The whole shoot was 15 days. A lot of those days we were shooting up to 12 pages a day, so the take you see on the screen was the first one we got and then we were out of there. Obviously our team, director Stev Elam, producer David J. Phillips, cinematographer Chris Robertson, and assistant director Evan Robichaud, made sure everything was super tight in pre-production to execute this efficiently.

Natalie: What’s your favorite scene / moment from the movie?

Kristin: That is so hard for me to choose because we have so many awesome, hilarious comedic actors who make appearances throughout the road trip. But, I think it would be between the scene at the hotel with Jon Lajoie (The League) he was so much fun to work with. Or when Danielle and Claire are getting gas and Claire gives the advice to "suck on a beef jerky real slow and they'll give you a free one". It was our last day and we had a lot of fun shooting both.

Natalie: What is the biggest thing you learnt about filmmaking that you would take into your 2nd feature?

Kristin: Trust your instincts and stand up for what you believe in. Have confidence in your creative vision no matter what stage you are at as a filmmaker. Oh, and have fun!

Natalie: Describe filmmaking in 3 words.

Kristin: Patient. Clear. Inventive.

Natalie: What projects are you working on next?

Kristin: I am working on another very personal story that I am creating with a wonderful female writer, she's badass. It's another shade to my dark sense of humor.

Natalie: What have been challenges or surprises in distribution or festival submissions?

Kristin: I think the amount of companies that have already approached us thus far showing interest when we haven't reached out to distribution yet. We are almost ready to show people and I can't wait! The response from the festivals has been overwhelmingly positive, people are really responding to the film. It warms my heart.

Natalie: Are you attending the festival?

Kristin: Most definitely! I love New York City and was jumping at the chance to come back. I also will have my friend and co-star, the most wonderful, Lyndsy Fonseca joining me, along with her boyfriend Noah Bean. Nikita fans here's your chance, because Xander Berkeley will also be in attendance! My hilarious writing partner, Christian Lloyd, and our talented director, Stev Elam will round out this rocking group. We always have a good time :D