Minha Poesia (My Poetry) (Brazil | 2016, 24 min)

Directed by: Leide Jacob


My Poetry (Minha Poesia) with Leide Jacob

MINHA POESIA (MY POETRY) is a documentary film about the writing process of Leide Moreira, a poet with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) only able to move her eyes.

Leide’s daily activities mingle in with those from her past, with special attention given to the process of transcribing her poetry with the help of a visual chart and her eye movements, all recorded by her caregivers and nursing aides.

Leide, through her verses, shares her sentiments and perceptions, showing us that it is possible to construct a life of dignity, with levity and spirituality.

The original music score inspired by her poetry was composed by musicians Nuno Mindelis, Elder Costa and Rafael Toledo.