Michael S. versammelt (Austria , 2 min 35 sec)

Subtitles: English

Directed by: Steven Swirko

Written by: Steven Swirko

Michael Schneider is a passionate cinéaste. No love in his life has been as enduring as his love for the movies. Ever since he was a teenager he has been collecting Super 8mm versions of films of all sorts: features, commercial, old newsreels - he’s got it all. While his private life fell victim to his passion, his collection is growing bigger and bigger every day. Now, for the first time, Michael has to ask himself, if the choices he made will keep him happy.
After seeing his first film, the original “Godzilla”, at the age of 12 Michael S. was completely smitten by the magic of the silver screen. From then on, whenever he could, he snug out to watch whatever was showing in Berlin’s “Kinos”. When he was 16 he realized that, with a little effort, he could actually buy most of the films he loved so much and watch them as often as he wanted at home. So he scraped together what he had and bough a 8mm-Trailer of Casablanca. It was truly the beginning of a beautiful friendship. As the years passed by, he started a collection that got bigger and bigger. Today Michael S., is the owner of thousands of 8mm-Versions of films, commercials and trailers, of several 35mm-Prints and over 12.000 DVDs, let alone his huge collection of movie memorabilia. Such great commitment off course can cause certain social deprivations. With Michael spending most of his energy on taming the immense masses of films, his marriage suffered. While she retreated into a world of cheap soap operas, pralines and slouching on the living room couch, he withdrew into his most sacred place, his self-build cellar movie theater. Knowing his marriage could be saved by giving up his passion he opened up a little store, the “Film Container”, to get rid of his beloved collector’s pieces. After trying to sort out what he wanted to sell, while keeping on buying new material, Michael slowly started realizing that he will never be able to let go. His wife eventually left, leaving him and his collection in piece. Today Michael is still a collector with no intention of stopping. He knows what he has lost but he just can’t and won’t stop:
“Collecting has always been a never ending thing for me.“, he admits at the end oft he film,“ For people like me, that's a piece of quality of life.“