Menschen (USA, 28 min)

Directed by: Sarah Lofti

Written by: Sarah Lofti


Alex Riegelmann, Alex Gray, Brandon Eaton, Christopher R. Gray, Connor Long, Cougar Littlefield, Dan Cheatham, Daniel Roach, Dennis Thompson, Greg Kyle, Harold Schyberg, Irene Leonard, Jason Bowen, Jason Smith, Justin Vaughan, Mike Newman, Miles Wartes, Nick Piche, Norman Lorscheid

May 1945, the Wehrmacht forces are weary from retreat, while the Allies close in. An Austrian captain attempts to guide the remains of his company behind the Russian lines to surrender to the Americans. They take under their wing a developmentally disabled boy. As the loyalty of his men is brought to the test, the captain's bond with the boy evokes a dark secret from his past.