Magnus: A Spring Day (Norway, 18 minutes)

Directed by: Magnus Lilleberg

Written by: Magnus Lilleberg

Cast: Magnus Lilleberg

We join Magnus Lilleberg on an intimate journey into his everyday life as a heroin addict in the capital of Norway. He films himself with his hand-held camera and he describes a tough reality without demanding compassion in return.

In Norway, and elsewhere, heroin addicts are often perceived as a homogeneous group who are outcasts from society at large. Magnus wants to alter this picture by documenting his own life and the struggles he encounter because his medicine, heroin, is criminalized by law. The Norwegian government offers methadone, a medicine that doesn't work for Magnus. Because of that he finds himself living in inhuman conditions in one of the best health and welfare systems in the world. In partnership with Munin Film, Magnus was able to tell his story on his own terms.

His short documentary has been screened for politicians at the Norwegian Parliament, won the prestigious Amanda Award for Best Short Film and been critically acclaimed for its innovative form and its ability to raise questions around human dignity in one of the best health - and welfare systems in the world.