Lucky Story (USA, 15min)

Directed by: Anais LaRoca

Written by: Anais LaRoca, Kristen Buckels


Alice Jankell, Julian Shatkin, Kristen Buckels, Randi Senderowitz

A young single mom and her eccentric 10 year old son get thrown a little luck when they win a $7000 lottery. They believe their prayers have been answered but soon discover that the money may not be the answer to all of their problems.

Lucky Story is a heart-felt adventure of a small family and their struggles and triumphs, both big and small. The story imaginatively and comically explores the relationship and unconditional love between Rose (Kristen Buckels), a young woman whose dreams took a sabbatical when she had a baby boy at sweet sixteen, and Benjy (Julian Shatkin) a 10 year old whose imagination and quirky personality leave him with a unique perspective of the world.

The small sum of money that the duo find themselves winning isn’t enough to make them millionaires, but it may be just enough to make all their wishes come true. 

This story is about lessons we learn in life: There are the life lessons children learn growing up, but more importantly, there are lessons grown-ups learn from their children. It's about how wishing for things isn't a lost cause, and how you don't need magic to make them come true.