Lucas Blalock's Digital Toolkit (United States | 2015, 6 min)

Directed by: Wesley Miller, Rafael Salazar (RAVA Films), Ava Wiland (RAVA Films)

Cast: Lucas Blalock 

In his Greenpoint, Brooklyn studio, acclaimed photographer Lucas Blalock creates uncanny pictures using simple tools in Photoshop, tweaking documentary reality with digital fictions. Blalock demonstrates how he slyly manipulates analog photographs—all taken with a large-format camera—by digitally erasing, masking, cloning, and drawing on scans of images. Approaching each picture as a game, Blalock preserves the clumsy quality of his alterations; the resulting photographs make for a visual slapstick full of pathos and whimsy. Collaborating with the filmmakers, Blalock’s studio process is staged through a series of reenactments, sleights of hand, and animations that overtake the video itself.