Lords of BSV (United State , 1:18:00)

Directed by: Maria Soccor

The young men of BSV live to die in Brooklyn. Coming from one of the most criminal and poverty stricken places in the US, Brukup has given them the discipline and foundation to succeed in other endeavors to forge a better way of life for themselves and their families. Bukup dance has taken BSV from Jamaica in the early 1990s where it originated, to the Brooklyn hood and The Apollo Theatre.
The New York Times reveres them and they remain to be the most sought after dance group in Brooklyn. Their Manager, Shawn Shiz Huslte Griffith and one of their lead dancers, Albert The Ghost Esquiline, created the most competitive competition for street dancers, and arguably the most hard core in the world, L.O.U.D. League, the League Of Unreal Dancing.
Like most skillful artists, BSV members have a troubled history that haunts their very present. Each BSV member has faced extreme tragedy yet remains resilient since Brukup has given them a reason to thrive in a world of notorious Bloods and Crips. As fame is within their reach, both on the Internet and Youtube with millions of hits and TV production companies who want to film their every glide, each member has vowed to live and die in Brooklyn.