Lord & Lidl (United Kingdom | 2015, 4 min)

A man heads to his local Lidl supermarket after God unexpectedly shows up at his door asking for a meal. A film entirely inspired by the God-fearing streets of Tottenham, its supermarkets and those who roam their aisles 


Oscar Hudson is a London­ based filmmaker specializing in short films, documentaries, and music videos. His short film “Lord & Lidl” will be screened as a part of the Supershorts section in the 2016 NYC Independent Film Festival.

NYCIFF: Hi, Oscar! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer a few of our questions. Your short film “Lord and Lidl” is about a crazy man who goes to his local Lidl supermarket trying to figure out what to cook after God shows up at his door asking for a meal. How did you come up with such an awesome, insane idea?

OH: The line between religion and insanity is one of the key ideas I wanted to play with in the film. The language we use to describe faith and schizophrenia can be strikingly similar. If I submit myself to the will of a higher power with whom I can commune and who guides my daily actions am I Christian or a crazy person? Most people assume that the man in the film is ‘crazy’ but in my mind it’s ambiguous... I mean, there is a figure sat at his table after all. The film is a mashing together of ideas and experiences that I was having around the time I moved to the neighbourhood. I met a man outside Lidl who claimed to be Jesus. I’m not religious so I assumed he was mad the same way you assumed the man in my film was mad. If God did come to earth he’d probably end up in an asylum.

NYCIFF: The film is set in Tottenham, which is a borough in North London. What is it about the area that made you decide to shoot there?

OH: Tottenham inspired the film in a very direct way so it only made sense to shoot it there. When you’re new in a neighbourhood everything is new & exciting. Tottenham is culturally very diverse and the streets hum with God & faith, African warehouse churches, Hasidic Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses...I was enjoying that whilst I wrote the film.

NYCIFF: According to your bio, you first got into filmmaking as a skateboarder. Was anyone showing you how to do it or were you basically self­ taught?

OH: If you skate for long enough, someone in the crew inevitably ends up picking up a camera and for my crew it was me. Skating and skate videos taught me how to use a camera and how to edit.

NYCIFF: The photography is great ­ maybe you could talk a little about what it was like working with your DP, Ruben Woodin­Dechamps.

OH: Ruben is a key collaborator of mine. He’s shot almost everything I’ve done these past 3 years. The film actually happened cos he was shooting 2nd Unit on a feature at the time and had an Alexa at his disposal. He called me up on a Monday saying he had the day off on Sunday and that if I wrote a script we could shoot it. So the whole project came together in about 5 days. He’s got a proper guerrilla spirit and is always down to make stuff happen. He’s the man.

NYCIFF: Aside from writing and directing the film, you were also the editor and sound editor. What was it like juggling all those roles?

OH: I made this project with no money so I couldn’t afford to hire anyone else. But then also, I know how to do all that stuff, so why get someone else in? I’ve never been very good at working with editors to be honest. This project wasn’t storyboarded at all, I intentionally left a lot of the creative to be done in the edit. The sound design has always just felt like another part of the edit for me...the two are so engaged that again it’s not something I’m keen to farm out to anyone else. I also did the music, which was a totally weird. I’ve never made music in my live. I just picked up this strange homemade violin thing and started scratching around in it. Dunno where that came from.

NYCIFF: Are you going to be coming to America to attend any of the festivals?

OH: I’ll be in NYC for your festival. I lived in New York a few years ago and haven’t been back since so am hyped for my little homecoming.

NYCIFF: What other projects are you working on right now?

OH: I’m working on a short about group ­identity, nationalism & Elvis Presley.

NYCIFF: Congrats on your film, Oscar! We can’t wait to screen “Lord & Lidl” during the 2016 NYC Independent Film Festival!