Looking for David (United States | 2017, 1 hr 21 min)

Directed by: Betsy L. Ross


Looking for David with BJ Heinley

Three days after his 30th birthday, a mother finds her son, David, a beloved actor, writer, producer, musician, and community organizer, dead from a prescription painkiller overdose. We follow her story, as she interviews friends, family, and others, and begins to understand how it is that addiction has seeped into every neighborhood, and the ripple effects of her son's death. David's mother interviews many of David's actor/filmmaker friends, including best friends Patrick Fugit (ALMOST FAMOUS, GONE GIRL, OUTCAST) and Kenny Riches (writer/director THE STRONGEST MAN). There is also a surprise interview that brings home the complex facets of addiction in an understated, but poignant manner. (As a bonus, Looking for David has a killer soundtrack. Meet the band MUSHMAN, fronted by David and Patrick Fugit, and original songs by R. Scott Fetzer and famed Michigan singer/songwriters Joshua Davis, May Erlewine, and Seth Bernard.)