Loneliness (Italy | 2015, )

Written by: Vincenzo Stigliano

Since a few months, Antonio (42) lives alone and does not come out for a long time from his home.
In the city, everyone thinks he's crazy after the sudden death of his wife. Her, during one night, made him lose his tracks. In the town it is said that his wife was woman of easy virtue.
Now, the only Antonio’s thought, is to feed the stray dogs in the vicinity of his home. He wants to get rid of meat residue that keeps in his fridge.
One morning he decides to go out for a walk in the town.
People who observe, seem surprised to see him back on the streets.
Antonio meets an old friend with her son, and after giving the latter Antonio meets an old friend with his small son, and after giving the latter his little cake, he had bought for breakfast, comes back home.
He cooks and eats the lunch alone.
In the afternoon, Antonio is usually sit on the balcony of the house that overlooks the sea. Drinks a glass of whiskey and smokes a cigarette waiting for his friends, the dogs in the area who come back to him asking for food.
This happens regularly.
Antonio hears scratching at the door.
He goes through the kitchen, opens the refrigerator, takes out the meat and cuts a large piece. Then, he carries the meat to his animals waiting outside.
From the paper bag that wraps the meat, rolls out a severed finger of a woman.
His wife has not disappeared, she is only in the freezer.