Little Acorns (Australia | 2016, 11 min)

Directed by: Christopher Benz, Trudy Hellier, Maria Theodorakis

Written by: Trudy Hellier, Maria Theodorakis

Cast: Emily Taheny, Belinda McClory, Katerina Kotsonis, Fanny Hanusin, Anna Samson, Matthew McFarlane, Genevieve Morris, Anthea Davis, Rachel Griffiths

A nine-part, comedy web series set in the fictional childcare centre, Big Oak, celebrates our unsung heroines - child care workers.

Filmed on location in a working centre, Little Acorns boasts a brilliant ensemble cast who push the boundaries of acceptable behaviour, challenge our notions of caring females and allow us a glimpse into what women get up to when no one is watching.

At the heart of Little Acorns beats a funny and original love story - the kind of story most of us know all too well, a story that doesn’t buy into romantic notions of “forever after”. This is a story of awkward embarrassment, of missed opportunity, miscommunication, lust and heart ache
– a real story.


Eyvonne Carfora has been a producer in media production for 21 years specialising in TV commercials. She was Head of TV Production at Singletons and has worked for other top advertising agencies such as JWT, Ogilvy, Leo Burnetts and Whybin. Eyvonne has produced shoots in Australia as well as internationally with her portfolio ranging from high budget to guerrilla shoots. Her skill range includes implementing the creative vision, budgeting, production & postproduction schedules, music negotiations and talent contracts. Eyvonne has produced tvc’s and online projects for major brands such as Nissan, AAMI and Myer. She produced Trudy Hellier’s short film Fowl Play which was selected for, among others, the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, the St.Kilda film festival comedy gala. Her most recent long form production was Gaps with artist David Rosetzky for ACMI. She co-produced the trailer and extended scenes for Little Acorns.

Maria Theodorakis won best short lm at FEFF in Toronto, for writing and directing Car Lady & Bike Girl, which also played at many other international festivals, including San Francisco. She wrote the plays Two Tickets to Heaven (Melbourne Comedy Festival) Conductors (St.Martins) Seven Year Sleep / Rites of Passage (Chameleon Theatre). She recently received development funding for The House of King. As an actor she starred in the award winning feature lm Walking on Water, receiving AFI & FCC Best Actress Awards. A Green Room Nominee, she has performed in theatre for MTC, Malthouse, Belvoir St/Storeroom, Arena, MIFA, MWT, and for many independent theatre projects including a European tour with Crying in Public Places. Her television work includes Saved, Satisfaction, Rush, and main roles in Whatever Happened to that guy, Crashburn, and Marshall Law. She is soon to have a screening of her new short film, Jimmy & Douglas.

Interview conducted by Jeff Ayars, Web Series Curator

Q: What’s your background & how did you get started?
Our background is in acting. We got started Little Acorns by writing scenes we could shoot ourselves for a teaser vid and showing people what we wanted to do. We were lucky they came on board really quickly and enthusiastically. And for free.

Q:What inspires you to create?
The fabulous badly behaved and hilarious women we know, and the need to share them with the world.

Q:What advice do you have for indie creators on a budget?
Be super-organized and feed your cast and crew exceptionally well, even those with a gluten intolerance.

Q: What makes your project special?
The fabulous badly behaved and hilarious women. And a sexy man who takes his top off.

Little Acorns is an Official Selection of the 2018 NYC Independent Film Festival.