Literally (USA | 2017, 2 min)

Directed by: Mary Rogers McMaster

Written by: Mary Rogers McMaster

Cast: Mary Rogers McMaster, Wesley Tunison


2018 Interview with Mary Rogers McMaster of Literally

Tony and Karen are literally fed up with existing. In this social commentary, the two hyperbolic protagonists exercise their critical tongues in an unforgiving disparaging of the world around them. The irony of course, lies within the fact that they are well off enough to sit leisurely in New York City mid-day equipped with warm coats, iphones and vente coffees. Their biting observations of the world around them constantly point to the fact that the very world they tear apart is one they are actively participating in. This quick tear through millennial culture will leave you warmed to the brim with sarcasm, condescension and perhaps the desire to go get a job.