Limbo (USA | 2017, 10 min)

Directed by: Jean-Luc Julien

Written by: Amy Fruchtman

Cast: Wilfried Hochholdinger, Annue Alexander Sieder, Irina Kurbanova, Linda König, John Julian, Carolina Massie

Danny’s lost the most precious thing in his life: his teenage daughter. As he struggles to come to terms with such a terrible tragedy, his wife has learned to accept it and moved on with the help of another man. Alone and desperate in a life that doesn’t seem worth living, Danny reaches out to the only relief available to him. In the process, he spends everything he has on an addiction that’s self-blinding and absolutely necessary for this time and place. A broken man attempts to find those few moments of connection to ease the burden of a broken heart. It’s a story between love and loss, hope and despair, life and death.