Let's Talk About Men (Canada , 22 minutes)

Directed by: Dario Vrbanek

Dario was a caring, loving and affectionate child. He grew up to be a man who felt numb inside and lacked the capacity to feel close or connected to others. The more he talked to men the more he realized his situation was quite common. Let's Talk About Men is a film documenting Dario's journey to discover and unveil the secret realities of men's lives. His honest and candid approach to challenging topics with strangers on the street leads men to share moments of tender reflection and previously undiscovered truths. The film uncovers a world that is seldom discussed, and allows men the permission, for many the first time, to express their truth frankly and without judgement. The discoveries of Dario's journey lead him, and can lead any man, from a life of disconnection and isolation to a place of hope and healing. Men and women everywhere will look at the lives of men differently after watching this important film.