Laura (USA, 1 hr 36 Min)

Directed by: Josh Whittaker

Written by: Josh Whittaker

Cast: James Rohrbaugh, Josh Whittaker, Kate Califano, Lauren Robinson

Andy has struggled with suicidal thoughts for most of his life, but keeps them buried beneath a goofy, fun-loving exterior. He can come up with no significant reason to explain his depression as he searches for something that will make him truly happy.

His girlfriend (Jackie) and best friends (Laura and Kyle) provide the best distraction from his pain and offer a glimmer of hope.

After a great night together, Laura opens up to Andy and reveals that she's unhappy. When she dies of an overdose the lives of Andy, Jackie and Kyle are flipped upside down. 

Tormented by their final conversation, Andy sneaks into Laura’s house and stumbles upon her diary. It is filled with Laura's deeply hidden, dark thoughts.

Andy decides that this is too much for Kyle and keeps the diary and the truth about her suicide a secret.

As he fights to help save Kyle through the tremendous heartbreak, his facade slowly starts to crack. While Kyle slowly begins to heal, Andy slips further and further into depression, feeling even more isolated.

He desperately seeks a connection with someone who truly understands him as his suicidal thoughts return. Andy turns back to Laura's diary, feeling more connected to her as his relationships with Jackie and Kyle begin to suffer.

His failed attempts at filling the void in his heart only make matters worse as he tries to make sense of it all and deal with the first major tragedy of his life.