Ladies Night (USA, 15 MIN)

Directed by: Corey Scott Rutledge

Written by: Stephanie Iscovitz

Cast: Allison Hope Cohen, Amy Rutledge, Anna Bakunova, Anna Carey, Brad Stuart, Brooks Russell, Caila Lavine, Dirk Otis, Grant Lancaster, Jaclyn Gramigna, Jennifer Dorr White, Joanna Gurin, Kathryn Rhoads, Keena Fleeming, Keith Panzerella, Kerri Kenny Clegg, Lily DePaula, Nicole Chalmers, Richard Templeton, Sarah duRivage-Jacobs, Stephanie Iscovitz, Susan Caro, Tom Meyer, Wesley Tunison


Ladies Night by Stephanie Iscovitz

Sadie is left reeling after her boyfriend's mother breaks up with her. When she goes to a karaoke bar to commiserate with her two best friends, she finds herself entering familiar territory. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing more than once expecting different results, but her best friends wonder: will Sadie ever learn?