Directed by: Christine Dakin

Written by: Christine Dakin

The personal poetics of a Martha Graham dancer; what a dancer creates and learns in a life of practice, imagination, performance and teaching. American and Mexican dancers and musicians, contemporary and folkloric, show the unique work of dancers and universals of dance with imagery and visual metaphor, making connections to the arts, folkloric dance and the natural world through Graham’s technique which they share. Original music by New York musicians Pat Daugherty (pianist, composer NY Electric Piano) and Scott Morehouse (percussion), with Mexican colleagues Eduardo González (composer, pianist) and Pedro Palacios Gómez (percussion). Dancers Heidi Stoeckley (Martha Graham Dance Company), Samuel Roberts (Alvin Ailey Company), Sergio Pérez Morales, Raul Almeida (Ballet Nacional de Mexico), Adriana León, Alejandro Vera (Univerdanza), Viviana Nava (Ballet Folklorico University of  Colima)