La Valigia (Italy, 15 minutes)

Subtitles: English

Directed by: Pier Paolo Paganelli

Written by: Pier Paolo Paganelli, Laura Castaldini

Cast: Alex Polidori, Riccardo Suarez, Roberto Herlitzka, Rodolfo Bianchi

An old man is sitting on the edge of a bed in a bare room with unplastered walls. His face is covered with deep wrinkles and untidy beard, shoulders are hunched forwards, his hands are gnarled but still lively. He looks alone and thoughtful. There is only a small rickety barred window opening outwards. In front of him there is a mysterious suitcase. While opening it, the man finds all the photographs and personal belongings of a lifetime. This is how the sequence of memories and visions begins, how the synapses are activated and inundate the room bringing the old man back in time to his adult life, then to his boyhood and finally to his childhood.


La Valigia

By: Conor Murray

"La Valigia" is an Italian film focusing on the recollection of an old man's life and how he is able to travel back to different times due to the various artifacts he has kept stored in an old suitcase. The old man, locked up in an anonymous room with just a barred window and a bed, ponders how long he has been stuck in what is basically a cell, recalling past loves, friends and experiences. He repeatedly transforms into younger forms of himself, reliving events of the past. Each transformation touches on different aspects of his life and how he has changed as he's grown older. The animation work is done very well and the different versions of the old man are all very unique and good looking. The music underlines the film's darker tones, as the piece touches upon memory loss and its effects on a family. The script is exceptional and touches upon some very tough topics. "La Valigia" is an official selection of the New York City Independent Film Festival and while be shown during the festival's run from October 12-18, 2015.