L'Effet (Canada, 87 minutes)

Directed by: Jocelyn Langlois

Written by: Catherine Allard


Catherine Allard, Jocelyn Langlois

One morning, the earth is struck by a total blackout. Everything stops: electricity, engines, batteries, airwaves… Nobody knows why or how it happened, or how widespread it is…

Alex, a woman living in Quebec City, is separated from her lover by an entire continent. Seeing no other choice, she sets out across Canada by bike.

On her desolate journey, she meets people from all over. She hears the most outlandish theories and the most dramatic consequences are imagined as people begin to apprehend what the future holds. Alex is influenced by the people she meets, who become the only reference points on her quest. She will encounter human nature at its ugliest but above all, at its most sublime. 

As she proceeds, Alex reveals her deepest thoughts and feelings through her poetry, taking us to the heart of the changes wrought on herself and on mankind. Faced with her personal limits, yet motivated by hope, she draws on the only possible source of energy found deep in her spirit to continue.