Killing the Dog (USA, 1hr 25min)

Directed by: Conor Stratton

Written by: Conor Stratton


Aviv Porath, Bruce Lemon, Claire Tyers, Coco Medevitz, Culley Johnson, David Gelles, David Geudelekian, David Sosnow, Dy Maximillian, James Stratton, Jessy Holtermann, Josh Evans, Lauren McCune, Matthew Klein, Michael Thomas Murray, Paul Szent-Miklosy, Sutton Crawford, Vi Flaten

Matt is a werewolf desperate to find a cure for his condition. For one night each month he must lock himself in a cage to endure an excruciating physical transformation-- a genetic burden inherited from his absentee father. Despite the support of Alice, a ghost who has kept him bittersweet company since childhood, Matt has had enough of living a life that he is convinced can only end violently. He enlists the help of his friend Holly, a streetwise Bohemian witch, who leads him into the underbelly of a magical New York City in pursuit of a fabled cure. Together they cross paths with drug-addled gypsies, sketchy fast-talking warlocks, and hipster vampires. Holly reaches out for help from Nicholas Maspeth, an immortal professor who takes Matt under his wing and guides him towards his future-- while harboring more than a few secrets about Matt’s past. As an unlikely family forms around him, Matt wrestles with the monster that lurks within.