Kill Your Television (Australia, 8 min 5 sec)

Directed by: Andrew Mitchell

Written by: Andrew Mitchell


Anthony Littlechild, Joey Hitten, Nick Musgrove, Olivia DiCocco, Peter Bennett, Serge De Nardo

Kill Your Television is an action packed shot film project. Written and directed by visual artist Andrew Mitchell in Melbourne, Australia as a part of the Graduate Diploma Course at the Victoria College of the Arts and Music. In a world where all adults have been brainwashed by television, teens run the streets and kids are kidnapped by the Television Corporation for 'Signal Testing'. The story follows Hugo, the leader of a street gang who leads the rebellion against the televisions that have ruined society. When Hugo's sister is kidnapped and Television Corporation Guards destroy his gang, Ivan, Hugo\'s sidekick, tells him to find his brother 'Crazy Eddie' who separated from the gang because he was 'too much of a loose cannon'. Hugo plans to gain the help of his old friend and save his sister, "Crazy Eddie" has bigger fish to fry for the people responsible for his brother's death!