Kentish Fire- In Our Band (UK , 4 minutes)

Directed by: Warren Gebhardt

In Our Band is a song about a group of musicians, forced to make ends meet by playing the cover band circuit. In this music video, we follow the band as they make their way through London, to perform at a gig. This story is captured with the same 360 degree camera, usually found, strapped to the roof of a Google Streetview car. Instead of using the 360 navigational aspect of this tool, the footage for this video has been unwrapped & displayed as a panorama. The resulting image is strangely hypnotic, where the background seems to be constantly unfolding whilst the band remain locked in the foreground. The musicians seamlessly perform into camera as the locations behind them change with almost every cut, showcasing a view of London that is both unique & strangely puzzling.


Kentish Fire- In Our Band

By Claudia Donofrio.

“In Our Band” by Kentish Fire was an absolute pleasure to view. From its fresh, upbeat music, wacky lyrics, stunning shots of London and genius use of a panoramic lens, the entire music video is animated and full of spirit. The band members themselves are vibrant as well, and fit in well with their surroundings as they sing of their past as a cover rock band. We see their sense of humor, and high energy throughout the video, which in turn livens us up as viewers and draws us in.

The use of panorama in the video is fascinating, and adds to the already funky music and lyrics. The lyrics are witty, and pay tribute to some of the greatest and most iconic songs in rock history, like ‘Hey Jude’ and ‘Stairway to Heaven’. The use of London as a background is therefore fitting, since the city is home to many of the world’s greatest rock musicians, such as The Police, Led Zeppelin, The Who and The Beatles.
The end of the video features the band playing a gig in London, which allows the video to come full circle, from showing us a cover band starting out, to a successful group of musicians enjoying their moment in the spotlight. "In Our Band” by Kentish Fire is an official selection of the New York City Independent Film Festival and will be shown at the festival on October 12-18, 2015.